Arabian & Half Arabian Club of Oregon​​


Joins us for our Annual Horse Show happening May 19-22 at the Oregon Horse Center in Eugene, OR.  Back again for 2022 are Sport Horse Classes!

The new class schedule is now available and patterns are posted!


TBAs (To Be Announced): Any class on the AHA Class List or recognized by AHA that is not on the Class Schedule will be available for TBA placement, with the exception of Dressage, over fences, or any class that requires cow work. It will take a minimum of a $20 sponsorship to put a TBA class into the schedule. Sponsorship of the class is over and above the entry fee for the sponsoring exhibitor. The decision will be made by the show committee based on the TBA requests received by the close of the entries on April 27, 2022. Prior to the start of the show, Thursday May 19th, class names and their time slots will be posted at the secretary’s office. Additional entries into these classes may be made at the pre-entry fee for non-sponsoring exhibitors. If slots are available TBA requests may be made after the closing of advance entries one session prior to the available slot.  Post entry fees will be charged.

Would you be interested in being a sponsor for our show or the highpoint program? There are many ways to support our show and the year end program. From sponsoring classes, to helping with the cost of special awards, we would love to have your help!  Please see our Show Premium for sponsorship options.

We appreciate our sponsors and mention them throughout our show and periodically Facebook. 

AHACO 2022

Horse Show